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Manufacturers,Exporters and Suppliers Of high Quality Weighing Machines,
Weighing Scales,Crane Scale,Dynomometer,Pocket Scales,Pedestal Scale,
Hanging Scale and Platform Scale and Pressure Die Castings Components
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Welcome to EKATA

EKATA, is one of the specialised manufactures,Exporters and Suppliers of Mechanical Scales such as Pedestal and Hanging Spring Balances,Crane Scales,Dynamometer,Industrial Platform Scales & Gas Weighing Machines and Pressure Die Castings Components

Established in 1998, Ekata Weighing Machines & Tools (Formerly Salter India Company) is a specialised manufacturer, exporters and suppliers of Mechanical Scales such as Pedestal and Hanging Spring Balances, Crane Weighing, Dynamometers, Industrial Platform Scales & Gas Weighing Machines (Check Scale) approved by Legal Metrology, Govt. of India, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, New Delhi..more

Hanging Scale

ekata hanging scale

The Hanging Scales offers two sizes of dials- 152 mm and 228mm.Their capacities range from 5kgs.To be more precise,hanging scales with 152 mm dial are avaible in five capacities,viz.5 kgs., 10kgs 20kgs 50kgs, 100kgs. While hanging scales with 228 mm dial are also avaible in five capacities,viz.50kgs,100kgs,150kgs.....more

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Pedestal Scale

ekata pedestal scale
The Pedestal Scales is a versatile machine for it has a variety of application in the range of low capacity weighing scales .....more

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Crane Scale

ekata crane scale
Manufactured in conformity with IS:1438 of 1960 & approved by Weights and Measures Authorities,these Crane Weighers are designed to serve as mobile weighers by attachement to crane hook or any other suspension points .....more

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ekata dynamometer
Designed for tension in overhead cables and strain testing for constructional and industrial purpose,but not suitable for breaking tests or suspended wighing .....more

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Hydraulic Dynamometer

ekata hydraulic dynamometer
EKATA Dynamometer has been purposely designed to make it portable and light weight instrument but with the facility of a larger dial for measuring load and tension within the range of 500 Kgs. to 20,000 Kgs. The Dynamometer works in any position and in any direction......more

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Platform Scale

ekata platform scale
Cast iron base with four wheels, columns and platform and fabricated dial housing are used for longer use. For preventing the oscillation of the indicator & quicker reading an oil dashpot mechanism is provided for years of accuracy of the scale, universal movement & to avoid undue wear & tear of knifeedge and bearings provide the platform with ball bearing.....more

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Pocket Scale

ekata pocket scale

Gas Weighing Machine

ekata gas weighing machine
Special designed with a transparent acrylic glass cover with soft bag for INDANE & BHARAT distributors with special type's handle, easy to carry and weight by DELIVERYMAN, Model approved by Legal Metrology-GOVT. of INDIA, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, New Delhi.... more

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